12. März 2016

Don't cry little widow

The Widow
by Fiona Barton
(320 pages)

You can find a look inside the book here

Jean Taylor lost her husband by an accident. She loved him with all her heart and now she is a widow. Deeply sad and doesn't want to see anybody. Even the press can't understand it. Then Jean's husband Glen seems to be a killer. And the reporters want to know her story. She had to know about him, didn't she?

At first: this is my first review in english, so please be kind, if I do mistakes.

„The Widow“ is the debut of Fiona Barton and I was curious how ultimate this ultimate thriller could really be. After reading I can say, it was nice. Nice, but not more. Not the ultimate never-seen-before thriller I expected.

The story is told by many characters. At first there is the widow Jean, who told us how she feel after her man's death. And how annoying the reporters could be. Jean only wanted to live her life after her man passed away. And she wants to be free, even her husband was some kind of jealous and overbearingly.

And then there is the reporter, who gains Jean's trust and find out her side of the story. The reporter shows Jean a world of glamour and all she has to do is to tell her looking at the life with a killer.

The third view is from the policeman, who has to investigate the kidnapping of a toddler. It has broken my heart to read this part of the novel. A little girl was kidnapped out of the garden and no one saw anything. The investigation showed up a world full of crime behind normal people.

I liked this mix of views, because I could take a look from different sides and saw details I would missed, if there would be only one side to be told.

But...it wasn't new at all. The hole story is as old as time and was told so many times I can't count anymore. The big secret of a normal family, a crime, that shake up their lives and a turn you maybe could not expected. I did indeed, because I know that kind of story. So the novel was nice to read but nothing new or thrilling for me. It's a pity!

The style of Fiona Barton is easy to read, even for foreign speaker like me. She tells her story with much details, pictorially and straight. I like it and it was one point, why I read this book til the end.

Conclusion: The widow is nice for an afternoon, but nothing that has to be read.

A big Thank you to
for this novel!

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